Most of our efforts and time are dedicated to working in vineyards in the belief that wine is made in the Vineyard

Work in the vineyard

The natural vocation for the production of Barbera wine is given by a slightly calcareous loose- textured soil with an alkaline reaction that enables  us to obtain fruity, balanced Barbera wines  with a great structure. The main agronomic techniques we practice are the following:

  • Manual harvest for selecting only the bunches that reach perfect ripeness
  • Thinning that aims to reduce and modulate grape yields per hectare to favor quality at the expense of quantity, respecting each single vineyard
  • Management of the vine vegetation and soil management that changes relative to each particular vineyard and in relation to the particular vintage.
  • Pruning performed respecting the integrity of the plant and the lymph flows (Simonit & Sirch branched pruning method)
  • Soil management with a view to improving and integrating organic matter through the selection of specific crops for our land (green manure)
  • In order to preserve and maintain our viticultural heritage and the imprint of our wines, we plant the new vineyards by recovering the scions (portion of plant with buds) for our new vines by selecting them in the oldest vineyards of the farm and chosen as the best ones (mass selection)

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